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No. Name Type Patent number

Supercritical fluids assistant polymer processing machine as well as its implementation method and application

invention ZL200710032589.3
2 Extrusion laminating film thickness uniformity (MD) adjustment device and method invention 201510263854.3
3 Extrusion thickness(MD) adjusting device for laminated film across width and method invention 201510263846.9
4 Drive mechanism of active AC coating press roller for extrusion laminating machine Utility model ZL200820201061.4
5 Double-nozzle dryer with high efficiency Utility model ZL200820201062.9
6 Rewind conductor roll changing system for paper base lamination Utility model ZL200820201063.3
7 Centralized recyclable powder spraying device >Utility model ZL200820201060.X
8 Direct press three-roller laminating mechanism Utility model ZL201020685568.9
9 Splicing unit using press roller and flying knife Utility model ZL201020685583.3
10 Three-dimensional extraction mandrel mechanism of plastic extrusion composite unit Utility model ZL201120530081.8
11 Leading edge mechanism of swing arm type composite device Utility model ZL201120530115.3
12 Parallel roller mechanism for realizing gap rewinding through taper Utility model ZL201120530097.9
13 Double layer soundproofed mechanism Utility model ZL201520089995.3
14 Coating machine of avoiding laminating material stretching and wrinkle Utility model ZL201520078667.3
15 Surface rewinding Utility model ZL201520082031.6
16 Chill roller with double jacket with spiral runner design realizing fast cooled Utility model ZL201520097908.9
17 Single screw extruder of high speed paper laminating Utility model ZL201520117977.1
18 Hydraulic system using for pressure transmitting mechanism of laminator Utility model ZL201520078619.4
19 Smoothness adjusting device for accumulation of laminating film Utility model ZL201520333895.0
20 Smoothness controlling device for laminated film across the width Utility model ZL201520333876.8
21 Extrusion thickness (MD) adjustment device for laminated film across the width Utility model ZL201520333034.2
22 One kind of multilayer laminating material Utility model 201520971290.4
23 AC coating press roller of substrate Utility model 201620268147.3
24 Peel strength enhancing device for extrusion laminating Utility model 201620928360.2
25 One kind of extrusion laminating machine Utility model 201720716832.2
26 Levelling system for extrusion laminating machine invention License No. 6240727
27 One kind of multilayer laminating material and its making method invention License No. 6282702