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On April 24-27,2018,  Chinaplas was held in Shanghai NECC. Jiangmen Huilong Plastics Machinery attacted numerous insiders,distributor and customers from domestic China and overseas market.
On April 24-27,2018, 32nd Chinaplas was held in Shanghai National Exhibition& Convention Center(NECC). As world's leader in high grade extrusion laminating machine supplier,Jiangmen Huilong Plastics Machinery exhibit along with other famous brands in both domestic China and overseas.During four days'exhibition, Jiangmen Huilong Plastics Machinery attacted numerous insiders,distributor and customers from domestic China and overseas markets to visit and obained appreciations from all of them. 
In addition, visitors with inquiries came to visit in an endless stream.They stopped to watch the advitising video of Huilong company and extrusion laminating machine.They also inspected the sample after watching the video. Outlooking of the Huilong machine, processing technology,etc, has been given positive appreciation. Some of the customers from domestic China and overseas markets has achived initial cooperation intention.
Huilong's internationally initial Double Zero technology has triggered great attentions and supports! World's initial extrusion laminating machine for flexible packaging with zero solvent discharge and zero solvent residue.Except for the traditional extrusion laminating technology,it also gathers scientific and technological innovation in extruder, T-die, modified resin and substrate surface treatment for enhancing bonding,etc.
So far,State of China supervise strictly towards drug and medicine and take drastic measure to the unqualified packaging. How huge promising is the Double Zero co-extrusion technology!
Extremely popular in Huilong booth in Chinapals indicates Huilong's lifting influence in both industry and the world!