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EXC Single Extrusion Laminating Machine



1、Mechanical speed200m/min or 300m/min

2、Machine width1200mm, 1450mm, 1700mm

3、Effective production width1200mm (6001100mm),



4、Extruder1 set(Manufactured using patented technology of Chaotic Mixing Low Energy Consumption Extruder)

5、Extrusion outputHL-65 extruder with max. extrusion output of 120kg/h;

     HL-80xtruder with max. extrusion output of 200kg/h;

     HL-90 extruder with max. extrusion output of 300kg/h

     (When extruding LDPE)

6、Extruder motor powerHL-65 extruder motor power: 22kw;

                                            HL-80 extruder motor power: 45kw;

                                            HL-90 extruder motor power:55kw 

7、Resin extrudedLDPELLDPEPPEVAEAAEMAEMAA, etc. coating grade resin

8、Extrusion thickness840μm

9、Thickness uniformity of manual T-die:≤±5%

10、Diameter of unwindMax. ф800mm or ф1000mm

11、Unwind substrateBOPPBOPETBOPAthin paper(20100gsm)

12、Diameter of sandwich unwindMax. ф800mm or ф1000mmAl foil both sides high speed automatic splicing

13、Sandwich unwind substrateBOPPPETMCPPMPETAl foilPaper

14、AC coating & DryingWith plain coating roll and gravure coating roll & 4.5m Dryer

15、Diameter of laminating chill roller:ф600mm or ф800mm, double jacket with spiral runner design

16、Diameter of rewindMax. ф800mm or ф1000mm

17、Tension controlAutomatic tension control in unwind, and sandwich unwind with max. tension of 300N. Rewind tension is  automatically controlled and control by taper with max. tension of 300N.

18、Tension controlHMI operation; extrusion thickness is precisely automatic calculated by computer and linkage control of the whole machine

19、Inverter: Foreign brand AC digital vector control inverter

20、Plant requirement21m(L)×13m(W)×5m(H)

Note: and are Huilong Patented Tehcnology

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