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EXC Single Extrusion Laminating Machine



1、Mechanical speedMax. 250m/min

2、Machine width1950mm, 2300mm

3、Effective product width1280-1850mm, 1600-2200mm

4、Extruder1 set(Manufactured using patented technology of Chaotic Mixing Low Energy Consumption Extruder)

5、Extrusion outputHL-65 extruder with max. extrusion output of 120kg/h;

     HL-80xtruder with max. extrusion output of 200kg/h;

     HL-90 extruder with max. extrusion output of 300kg/h

     HL-100 extruder with max. extrusion output of 400kg/h

    (When extruding LDPE)

6、Extruder motor powerHL-65 extruder motor power: 22kw;

       HL-80 extruder motor power: 45kw;

       HL-90 extruder motor power:55kw 

       HL-100 extruder motor power: 75kw

7、Resin extrudedLDPELLDPEPPEVAEAAEMAEMAA, etc. coating grade resin

8、Extrusion thickness415μm

9、Thickness uniformity of manual T-die:≤±5%

10、Diameter of unwindMax. ф800mm

11、Unwind substrateBOPPBOPET

12、AC coating & DryingPlain roll coating7.5m horizontal type

13、Diameter of laminating chill roller:ф600mm, double jacket with spiral runner design

14、Rewind diameterMax. ф800mm

15、Tension controlUnwind and rewind automatic control

16、Tension controlHMI operation; extrusion thickness is precisely automatic calculated by computer and linkage control of the  whole machine

17、Inverter: Foreign brand AC digital vector control inverter

18、Plant requirement27m(L)×13.5m(W)×5.5m(H)

Note: and are Huilong Patented Technology

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