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EXCA Triple co-extrusion Laminating Machine

This machine is designed according to the paper-plastic laminating for aseptic liquid packaging with feature of low cost.
1、Mechanical speed:300m/min
2、Machine width:1200mm, 1450mm
3、Effective production width:1200mm (600~1100mm),
4、Extruder:4~7 sets(Manufactured using patented technology of Chaotic Mixing Low Energy Consumption Extruder①)
5、Extrusion output:
      HL-65 extruder with max. extrusion output of 120kg/h;
      HL-80xtruder with max. extrusion output of 200kg/h;
      HL-90 extruder with max. extrusion output of 300kg/h;
      HL-100 extruder with max. extrusion output of 400kg/h;
      (When extruding LDPE)
6、Extruder motor power:
      HL-65 extruder motor power: 22kw;HL-80 extruder motor power: 45kw;
      HL-90 extruder motor power:55kw ;HL-100 extruder motor power: 75kw
7、Resin extruded:mLLDPE、LDPE、PP、EVA、EAA、EMA, etc. coating grade resin
8、Extrusion thickness:6~40μm(among single layer thickness is 3~20um)
9、Thickness uniformity of manual T-die:≤±5%
10、Thickness uniformity of auto T-die:≤±3%
11、Unwind:Shaftless clamping,Max.diameter:ф1600mm
12、Unwind substrate:paper(50~400gsm)
13、Paper surface treatment:flame treatment on both sides
14、Sandwich unwind mode:Pneumatic-lock inflatable shaft loading,Al foil both sides high speed automatic splicing .Max diameter: ø800mm or ø1000mm ②
15、Diameter of laminating chill roller:ф800mm, double jacket with spiral runner design
16、Diameter of rewind:Max. ф1800mm,double position surface friction rewinding 
17、Control Mode:HMI operation; extrusion thickness is precisely automatic calculated by PLC and linkage control of the whole machine
18、Tension control:Automatic closed-loop tension control.Unwind:100~700N,Sandwich unwind:50~350N,Rewind:100~700N.
19、Extruder temperature control:By PLC central control, man-machine interface display and operation, controlling precision±1℃ 
20、nverter: Foreign brand AC digital vector control inverter
21、Thickness gauge:Using 2 sets of Infrared ray probe to separately measure the  thickness of LDPE of the printed layer(surface layer), thickness of EAA and PE of hot seal layer. 
A、Extrusion thickness(TD) control:Through adjusting the power of the heating bolt of die lip of Auto T-die, it adjust the opening of the related lip so as to reach the purpose of keeping stable uniformity in transverse thickness.Deviation: ≤± 3%.
B、Extrusion thickness(MD) control:Connect with thickness gauge through digital communication,Software controlling system developed by Huilong calculates according to the data read from thickness gauge and control the rotation speed of screw(Controlling surface layer and inner layer).Deviation: ≤± 3%.
22、Plant requirement: 40m(L)×16m(W)×5m(H)
Note: ① and ② are Huilong Patented Technology
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