On May 10,2018, project of Super Tiny Co-extrusion technology and study on extrusion lamianting machine for high barrierlaminated material undertaking by Jiangmen Huilong Plastics Machinery Co.,Ltd. and jointly participating by South China University of Technology and Guangdong University of Technology has been inspected by experts from Provincial department ofScience and Technology at site.They listened the report,had interpellation, had closed-door discussion and advice feedback towards the acceptance check with the undertaking parties.Experts for the project acceptance considered that this project studied on the theory of Super Tiny Co-extrusion technology and manufactureed key machines based on it.It had improved the controlling mode of surface evenness of muti-layer laminated film,rewind and unwind unit and the design of controlling mode.


This project obatains 2 patent for invention, 4 patent for utility models and publishing 2 academicpaper.With the accomplishment of this
project, industrialization has realized and excellent economic benefit and social benefit have achived.
Key points and technical innovation are as followed:
1. Super Tiny Co-extrusion Technology


(1)Technical innovation
 Extruding two different macromolecule melted resins from two extruders. Through passages,they go into the feedblock.
In the feedblock, the solution can be multipled in layers. Using this kind of new technology,it can get hundreds of laminar
composite to greatly enhance barrier property and permeability property of the laminated material.
(2)Innovation in machine: Co-extrusion T-die and  Feedblock
(3)Excellent barrier property: Oxygen transit dose(LDPE/EVOH)<12cm3/(㎡·24hr·0.1MPa)
2. Surface evenness control for multi-layer laminated film


(1)Machine and technical innovation:
 Improve based on the fix and oscillating mode of T-die and develop automatic compansation device
on deckle to the gauge band occuring on the surface of the laminated film when rewinding.


(2)Few deviation on the extruded film

   Auto T-die: TD is ±(1~3)% and MD is ±(1~3)%. Manual T-ide:±(3~5)%
(When the extrusion thickness is 12~30μm,excluding the edge of 20mm)
(3)Surface evenness of the extruded film: No apparent defect on surface influencing commercial
usage, such as waving.gauge band, etc.
3. Sturcture of reiwnd and unwind unit and controlling 
Extrusion laminating machine for multi-layer product consisted of two sets of unwind and one set of
rewind. Stucture of rewind and unwind and related controlling directly influence production speed and
precision of the machine.
(1)Modification in rewind
  Invovative design for high speed auto splicing(Using electirc drive fly-cutter to automatically cut from
the center to the two edges and the 3D mechanical arm(Fast change in taking out shaft).Regardless
of substrate width and line speed,to ensure the hyposteroscopy is same on the two edges and the
height is always fixed.)
(2)Modification in unwind:
(3)Production speed: Mechanical speed of 300m/min and production speed of 260~280m/min.